Jing Hua Xiao Chi Catering

Founded in 1989, Jing Hua Xiao Chi catering was started by native Singaporeans Mr. and Mrs. Han. Located at the place first known as the “Qun Zhong Eating House”, Jing Hua catering was one of the first occupants of a row of recently refurbished shophouses along Neil Road I Singapore’s Chinatown. The family started Jing Hua as a means to make ends meet, and took their recipes from Mr. Han’s mother, who lived in Shanghai, and from Mrs. Han, who made good dumplings at home. That is how it all began, and over the years, the family slowly adapted their recipes to suit Singaporean tastes. The result is a tight menu of dumplings, noodles and desserts that is appealing to people of all nationalities who travel through the small island nation

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