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Play-Roms – An overview

7 Things No One Tells You About Catering For A Company Lunch

It’s that time of the year again. Your company’s town hall meeting is coming up and you’ve been tasked with...

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8 ways to make feeding a big team simple but delicious

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The Catersmith team (your personal guinea pigs) tastes tests the Tambuah Mas Indonesian Catering menu and shares the top...

5 Most Versatile Dishes That Can Be Customised For Corporate Spreads

Here at Catersmith, we understand the need for customisation when it comes to buffet spreads. To help you make every...

7 Smart Hacks To Add Excitement To Daily Corporate Meals

There’s no denying that daily catered dinners are great. But we’d all get sick of eating the same thing on the...

The Ultimate Guide To Picking The Right Buffet Type

A question clients often ask us here at Catersmith is, “How do I pick the right buffet type for my event?” It’s an...

5 Spectacular Catersmith Events To Take Party Inspiration From

Work here at Catersmith is, in short, incredibly interesting. As a premium restaurant catering provider, we’ve had the...

Top 10 dishes ordered for company events – and why you deserve nothing less

Getting good food for your company’s events should be easy, right? Well, it’s not always the case. As a corporate...

Building corporate cultures on the buffet line

Work at Catersmith is lots of sweat and heavy lifting. But helping some of Singapore’s coolest companies build their...

How to make your palate-perfect buffet, picture-perfect

Events aren’t solely about the food: the experience matters just as much. That’s why we at Catersmith have...

The best food to cater for a children’s party

Keep these tips handy and catering for a children’s party can be child’s play.

Catersmith Taste Tests Four Season’s Dim Sum Catering Menu

The Catersmith team (your personal guinea pigs) tastes tests the Four Seasons Dim Sum menu and shares the top 4 dishes...

How to plan a corporate buffet that doesn’t end your career

While the food’s important, remember that it’s but a social conduit for your guests to network.

6 insider tips you need to know before you order a catered buffet

After all, having a good or bad spread can make or break your party (and your reputation as a host).

Bringing great food and a bold vision to the buffet table

In Feb this year, we were picked to cater for Ground-Up Initiative's (GUI) phase 1 opening ceremony of Kampung Kampus.

Thai Fish Cakes: Soi-style Beauty In a Patty

Transform your HDB corridor or office pantry into a multi-hued soi lined with aromatic Thai favourites, including Thai...

The oddball of Cantonese cuisine: Braised Beef Brisket

The irony isn’t lost on me. For all its accolades of being “fast”, Hong Kong is home to Braised Beef Brisket, and...

Hanoi Pork Skewers, and how they set a city on fire

One half of the Vietnamese dish Bún chả, this Hanoian specialty is earning its place in our sunny food paradise.

A taste of diversity with Penang Rojak

It’s in the way we speak; the people we meet; the neighbourhoods we build. Rojak is a microcosm of our region, because...

Light up the party with Kimchi Pancakes

I know a party starter when I see one. It’s the uncanny ability to stand out, draw a crowd, and get everyone stoked....

Going All Soft Over Soft Shell Crab

That lovely crunch; the delicate flesh beneath; that oh-so-tangy curry. The mere thought of Soft Shell Crab with Yellow...

A 7000-mile Roast Duck Delivery to your Buffet Line

The wafer-thin skin crackles satisfyingly with each bite. The meat beneath is tender, infused with the nuanced flavours...

Arrival of a well-travelled indulgence: Vietnamese Samosas

We always think of samosas as factory-made, frozen triangles of ancient food, deep-fried in huge baskets. But it's a...

These Bento Boxes will Blow Your Boss’ Mind!

A happy tummy means a happy boss, and much smoother meetings. Here’s a list of bento boxes that’d make you proud.

A date with Penang’s biggest star: Assam Laksa

I'm not one to look sloppy on a date. But given my past experiences with laksa, I know exactly how this afternoon will...

Stirring Up Memories with Andong Jjimdak

Korean Chef Lisa from Seoul Yummy recalls her first taste of Andong Jjimdak, which she thinks is the 'Chicken Rice' of...

8 Best Dishes to Order for your Catering Line

When it comes to food, I'll admit that there's no way to please every person on your guestlist. But here's my pick of 8...

Mastering the art of Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly is, indeed, a work of art. But taste it at the buffet table and you’ll understand: Perfection is...

A Royal Love Affair with Pomelo Salad

Pomelo Salad calls for the freshest ingredients, and its preparation is an exercise in dedication. In the hands of Chef...

The Reason ‘Lotus Shoots’ and ‘Salad’ Go Together

Introducing Goi Ngo Sen, or Vietnamese Lotus Shoot Salad. This Southern Vietnamese dish is a mix of Lotus shoots,...

The Nostalgia of Penang’s Lor Bak

For Chef Wong, Executive Chef of Penang Culture, the humble 'Lor Bak' brings back fond memories of his hometown.

Something New, Something Vietnamese for the New Year

We think that catering Vietnamese food will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

The Low-Down on Four Seasons’ CNY Catering Menu

This is a meal you’d want to save every calorie for at your upcoming CNY gathering.

Penang Catering Has A Favourite For Everyone

If your invited guests are a diverse bunch like us, Penang food is the way to go.

The Catersmith Team Taste Tests Nara Thai

Ordering food for Chinese New Year is not easy. You’re probably thinking, this dish nice or not? Will my guests like...

Plug & Play – The Hippest Christmas Playlist

From contemporary covers of old classics to lesser known tracks, we’ve got the hippest playlist for you to show off...

6 reasons you should have a Christmas party

There’s only 4 more weeks to Christmas - how will you choose to celebrate the day? If you’re still on the fence,...

Cleaning Nightmares – The Snow Attack

Every entertainer has a version of this story – the amazing home party turned cleaning nightmare. During Christmas 3...